Things to Do In Cebu

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While you’re in Cebu I’m pretty sure you will have a lot of bucket list listed in your notes, on this website you’ll be able to find out some of the amazing things that you will do while you’re in Cebu for a vacation on this photo is sky high adventure located at the Crowne regency hotel in Jones Avenue Boulevard. It is a very extreme sky high limits experience not fun for those who have fears in heights.I would say this is one of the most eerie thing to do and it takes a lot of guts More than a roller coaster we could do to you the only thing is is not fast it’s moving but it’s a steady slow Adventure you and your love ones and your family would remember you have achieved to be in the top of the world is certificate will be given as well after.

Author: Ravezz

Hi and thanks for visiting my Blog page, Cebu is a place so close to my heart. I have featured its amazing tourist spots worth visiting and conquering. The busy roads, colorful suburbs, modernized improved lifestyle is one of its platforms in International tourism. We hope to share, share, promote and to discover what Cebu has and yet to offer. Ravezz