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Theres so much to speak on this Airline, I remember I was 18, 1997, my first flight in my life, Cebu Pacific Air, from Cebu to Manila, unforgettably pleasant, I had the best day of my life, it was love at first sight, the feeling of being in the plane for the first time, Its been cherished and will be remembered. However, curiosity wise, its been a story of chaos and eyebrow raising, lets see what consumers has said.

The consumer affairs in the US had conducted surveys and reviews, there were 2 million reviews and were verified, contact informations were made sure taken to ensure the reviews were all real. They have used intelligent softwares, and had used moderators to ensure and its content and helfulness to consumers who wants to visit cebu on their next vacations. Now lets read some of the consumers feedback.

Original review: May 6, 2019. The manner in which they conduct business would be considered fraud in the west. Everything everyone else has complained on is spot on accurate. The airline is what you could consider ala mode in ticket pricing. Other airlines like Cathay Pacific or Delta which fly direct out of the Philippines offer a hassle free rebooking and their tickets are more generous, or inclusive like free bag check in depending on where. Cebu Pacific you will pay for every item you bring on flight. If you have to rebook it’s true you can’t get a refund but you’re not out the money like you will be with Cebu Pacific. Their refund isn’t for much in what you paid. Their customer service is real good at call avoidance. I used to work at a call center. When the line gets silent it means agent had the phone and when the music comes back on it means they didn’t feel like answering.—

Original review: May 4, 2019

Flight schedule changed from 2:20 pm to 5 pm, then just yesterday Cebu Pacific informed us that our flight schedule is once again moved. Our 2:20 pm flight is now moved to 7:30 pm!!! They didn’t even provide any reason for the change of schedule. We chose that schedule for a reason. Clearly, Cebu Pacific does not care at all if you have important plans. I recommend this airline to those who does not mind flight delays. Cebu Pac never fails to disappoint.

Original review: March 8, 2019

I just recently booked Manila to Tokyo and Tokyo to Manila for Dec 2019 for 3 pax. Suddenly after I received the confirmation, it became Manila to Singapore and Singapore to Manila. I called the customer service. I paid 42k pesos for this travel. The CS told me, I cannot refund the whole amount. I can only get the travel fund which is 16k pesos, else I need to reroute and pay another 80k? Total of 120k? Who the hell are they? Is this airline a first class airline? My fault is I don’t have the screenshot that it was really Manila to Tokyo (Narita) and not Singapore. This airline is too much! Is there any government agency to help us in this kind of situation and avoid this company to easily get our money? I want my money back and swear! I will never ever book your airline again! Kahit pa sabihin nyong ZERO fare kayo!

Original review: May 16, 2019

To say this airline is bad is an understatement. In putting together a complex itinerary for my wife, it was overlooked to prepay for one extra bag (weighing 22kg) on her flight from Manila to Bohol. A simple oversight, right? Nope. We had to shell out $110 USD not only for the extra bag, but they also weighed the carry on and it was like 1kg over the ridiculous 7kg limit. How much did they charge me for this? MORE THAN 5X THE PREPAY. But wait! There’s more! My wife was supposed to arrive a good 5 hours before the flight, but due to delays by Hong Kong airlines, she was there 3 hours and 50 minutes before the flight. 10 minutes after the 4-hour cutoff (where we could have paid <$20 for all of it).

Original review: Dec. 27, 2018

I travel sometimes dozens of times a year internationally, and this is hands down the WORST AIRLINE I have ever encountered. Horrible service, RIP OFF – checked bag fees, fake smiles from the flight attendants, zero entertainment, and uncomfortable seats. Screw these guys. Let me make it simple for you – their fares may LOOK cheaper at first, but they will reach into your pockets and nickel & dime you at every possible opportunity! They charged me $60 for ONE checked bag (within the regular weight limit)! That is just ONE-way by the way, not including the round trip. Fly ANY other airline and you’ll be better off. At least other airlines won’t keep nickel & diming you and stealing your money like Cebu Pacific Does. You’ll end up paying less with another airline just from how much you’ll save on the checked bag fees alone.

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