Featuring the White Sands Beach is in Cebu

Cebu city is well known for its white sands that has attracted a lot of tourists, Several beaches can be found in the island Malapascua and Bantayan , the best time to go there is in the summer in the mid March of each where in you get to see the sun a lot because of summer and a lot of activities are happeningas it is vacation for students .one of most memorable worthy activity thing to do while you’re in Cebu is to enjoy kayaking and swimming in this beautiful white sands .How you travel to sCebu s dependent on how much time you have allotted for your vacation , if you’re from LA travel from Cebu is 12 hours since there is already a direct line from los Angeles Airport to Mactan international Airport by Philippine Airlines when you reach Mactan cebu airport it is either you will ride Uber or taxi cab it will be another another 5 to 6 hours land trip travel from the airport going to the island of course , it would be fine if you stay a little bit in the city but if you’re running out of time there is another way of going there via sea fast vessel. White Sands in this islands are all the around and it is one of a kind as it can be seen in other parts of the world you get to be mesmerized with its natural beauty , A crystal clear waters s filled with a white clean refreshing fresh atmosphere That can surely make your amazing vacation unforgettable.

Malapascua Island Cebu


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