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What are the 10 most amazing and fun things to do in Cebu for vacation?

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The Queen city of this out it’s not only known for its beautiful sceneries and nice beaches and beautiful people but it is also known to have the best source of fun in terms of sightseeing and memorable experiences that you cannot enjoy if you stay for a shorter time However for those who wants to just go staycation there would be some activities for you to do the treasure the moment while you’re having the dream vacation of your life

Below are the top 10 amazing vacation ideas while you are visiting either a family member or you are just there to have fun in cebu, please take note of number eight it’s very enticing.

1. Oslob Whale Watching If you are fond of adrenaline rush here’s one thing that you will really enjoy in your family, Travel to Oslob Cebu. Here is where you getm up and personal with a friendly whale sharks I know, its sounds a bit scary to meet a truck sized animal. You will have to wake up bright early in the morning for this very amazing adventure there are packages that includes a pick up around 5 AM and then you will be toured, to their waterfalls, and with their free breakfast. This slow moving filter feeding carpet shark is one of the largest non-fish ever known to mankind. Also this trip

actually include snorkeling and swimming with the whale sharks and you could participate with the feeding the only precaution is prevent from having stimulus like flashlights so that this big friends are not going to get agitated.

2. the SaFari Adventure park OK disco student animal lovers out there whether or not you like lions cheetahs zebras monkeys they’re all there waiting for you spot your favorite wild animals especially the wild birds and exotic ducks if you’re in a booth for something extra with you for your hopping on safari truck, Also take note you might want to also join the bird feeding experience is fun..

3, Danao Eco Adventure This is especially fun for those who are into sky biking I’m not talking about sky diving but it’s sky biking catchy you will have the zip lining with a ATV driving experience you’ll never forget in your lifetime the echo park adventure in Danao Also offers a horseback riding exploration of the amazing waterfalls and even some but tub hot tub’s is available also for you for your coming day and a relaxing outdoor activity.

4. ParaSailing over cebu’s Crystal Waters Everybody wants adventure especially if it’s going for a very beautiful landscape what a better way to do is parasail and get a maze and strap with a colorful sail, be mesmerized with the amazing blue skies by speeding boat or N experience the beautiful scenery in that time they could never ever had before. Bring the love of your life for a romantic experience I’m sure it will be a once in a lifetime memory.

5. Snow world Cebu you may have known that Cebu is a tropical country and it is indeed amazingly you made in high with this experience you got to beat the heat. an adventure that is vibrant amazingly beautiful in the world of ice and snow right in the middle of the tropical city you got tomorrow build the sculptures make snow angels and slide down hills, also there’s no world is located inside Anjo world theme park in civil it’s awesome for groups of amazing friends and families

6. The good old fashion island hopping. No one will beat your usual routine of shopping in Seville there’s a lot of resting islands and beaches that awaits you in there a lot of islands you might want to visit include Pandanan, Nalususan, Carnaza, and Bantayan, I am not talking about Louis Vuitton and Chanel shopping here, oh well you might wanna use some of those for your bottles of sunscreen as they are White Sands Shores look irresistible to spurge to.

7. Canyoneering adventures in the forest and falls of Badian Island. Oh well what can I say there are clips in that island that are renowned for its best canyoneering spot, the outdoor adventures are really fun and absolutely tricky, and you need to repel the cliff diving.catch snap a gorgeous photo while you are can While you are at the terrain, Lovely ethereal surroundings are picturesque . The world Famous Kawasan falls Is situated right there it’s location grab a camera and snap a picture of your best shot.

8. Sky Up High Experience Adrenaline rush now this is one of those extremes I mean really extreme for those who have full views of heights this is not for you well you can desensitize yourself but make sure your be ready for this Cebu’s famous guy experience is located in Crowne regency hotel allows you to do more thrilling activities from with in the city which is perfect for those who don’t want to go Very far catch these activities include zip lines from one building to another, walk on the edge of a skyscraper, or hop on the edge of a coaster for a ride that’s so intense than your usual theme park roller coaster adventure you will be given certificates to complete this activity for being a champ when you’re on the right, right on it will yell yes I’ve seen it and I was there on the top of the world.

9. Hustle & the bustle to a resort staycation Cebu is filled with the abundance of resorts Darren more than enough to keep you occupied for a relaxing adventure and staycation. Amongst this activities includes kayaking but you can try from the comfort of your own promises also once you’re in the mood for a break go for a massage at your chosen resort in the house spa for a satisfying and on your Cebu vacation.

10. Flower Fields Biking .And we’ve come up to the last on her list finally but the adventure isn’t complete without going to the colorful flower farm and enjoy either you’re a solo biker or with another bike or with you you can try out at cebu Celosia flower farm field with Flynn like Celosia Blooms, this amazing flowers are beautiful that are available for viewing all year round, one of the lovely flower is called Sirao at its name’s Flower farm called the city’s is Little Amsterdam is also there if you want to make the most out of your time here rent a bike cycle through its trails at the flower stand to fill the air around you for a refreshing adventure.

source, special thanks to Cosmopolitan Philippines 2019 issues.

photos: Google Images 2019